PTA Membership

Be Your Kid’s Biggest Fan!! Join Mills PTA!!

Joining PTA means supporting Mills, your children, and the CommYOUnity.

Join us and get involved with the largest volunteer child advocacy group in the country — join the PTA family. Bring your talents to the table!!

PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents, teachers and others around the state who have an interest in children, families and schools. PTA membership is as diverse as Texas is in cultures, education levels and parenting skills. By joining PTA, a member becomes part of the largest child advocacy organization in the state with over 500,000 members across Texas.

PTA provides opportunities to meet with others who have the same interests as you. By sharing common concerns, you will feel more empowered. Being part of PTA connects families and schools and results in parental support and makes school involvement easier.

Mills PTA helps keep you updated on what’s happening at school through the PTA-produced website, weekly newsletter “Mills Messenger”, Online Weekly Folder, volunteer opportunities and classroom contact email tree.

Whether you’re buying school supplies for the kids, or renting a car for your next family vacation, PTA members can save money on everyday purchases thanks to National PTA’s Member Benefits Provider Program. National PTA is able to partner with businesses and negotiate special discounts, fundraising opportunities and other valuable benefits exclusively for PTA members.

AARP · Boxed · Hertz · LifeLock · MetLife · Schwan’s Cares ·Staples · Sylvan · TeenSafe

Join PTA today for only $10 per member and get connected with fellow parents and teachers.

How do I join? What if I want to pay cash or check? Where do I send my paper form and payment?

You can pay online!

We also accept cash (exact amount please) and check (payable to Mills PTA):

Use the PTA Envelope that you may have received at Kinder Roundup or Parent Night
Grab a PTA envelope from the front office
Print and complete this form;
Submit PTA envelope or completed form in an envelope labelled ‘Membership’ with payment directly in the front office’s blue PTA box or send via your child’s teacher.