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Welcome to Mills Adventures!  The PTA’s Mills Adventures offer an opportunity for teachers and staff to offer social, non-academic opportunities for students outside of instructional time (most often after school!) while helping the PTA raise money for the school.  Our Mountain Lions love spending extra time with teachers doing fun things!  Mills Adventures serve as the PTA’s winter fundraiser, and we share the proceeds with the staff members who host the adventures.
(If you’ve been around Mills for a few years, you might remember these as Kid Bids, but as part of their revival, we changed the name and separated them from a school festival.)
There are two types of Mills Adventures.  There are grade level adventures, and any student in that grade can purchase a ticket and participate.  These are large group activities, and everyone is welcome!  There are also items families can bid on, and the prize will be offered to the highest bidder(s).  A full list of our 2023 Mills Adventures is listed below.  Additional adventures may be added over time.  Stay tuned!
For Purchase BEGINNING FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD at 8:30am – Click here to purchase!
  • May the 4th Be With You – open to all 4th graders
  • Design the Marquee – 8 spots available to purchase
  • Secret School Tour – 10 spots available to purchase
  • Make Oobleck in the Maker Space – 4th and 5th Grades only – 21 students per grade
  • Make Slime in the Maker Space – All grade levels – Limited Availability
  • Make Rocketships with Baking Soda and Vinegar – 2nd-5th grades only – Limited Availability
For Bidding BEGINNING FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD.  Bidding will close on Thursday, March 9th. Click on each one to place your bid!  (Forms will not be active until Friday, March 3rd at 8:30am.)
Our auction items will be open for bid until end of day on Thursday, March 9th.  We will announce the high bid every other day during the bidding times so families can submit additional bid requests above the high bid on subsequent days, if desired!
We hope you’ll join us for some adventuring fun!  Email Christy at with questions.
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